Coral Beach, one of the favorite destinations for travelers to Nha Trang. There are many most attractive tourist services in Nha Trang Bay. One of them has a tour of the sea floor, also known as diving hat.

This service is quite new and easy to use with high safety, does not need much underwater skills and can still easily visit to take photos right under the sea.

We will not describe much here because it is part of what makes you enjoy using this service. A simple way to understand that you would be like an astronaut but at the bottom of the sea instead of space.

Basic information about the service:

The area to visit is Coral Beach – Popular tourist area including restaurant, beach, check-in photography, glass-bottomed boat, …
For a period of approximately 20 minutes including 5 ‘instruction on procedures and how to use the equipment specifically for this service. Your guide will accompany you throughout the time you visit and see the wonderful beauty of the sea creatures here. Besides, you can create yourself a collection to save this exciting moment.

After the end of sightseeing time at Coral Beach, you will come to Hon Mun marine life conservation area. Here, visitors will be free to swim, swim with the best quality snorkeling equipment for more than 02 hours divided equally for 2 different areas to bring the most rich experience about this place.

You will have lunch right on board at Hon Mot and relax for about 30 minutes. You can also experience marine life at Hon Mot, an isolated small island in the very pristine Nha Trang Bay.

Because the weather will affect service so much, the Guide will inform you of the specific itinerary during the trip, which may end sooner or later, so please pay attention. If you encounter any difficulties during using the service, immediately contact the Tour Guide or call 0979274318 for assistance.

At the end of the tour, the tour guide will take you to the hotel.

Price does not include each island entrance fee, other services use on each . There is always a discount for guests booking or staying at LY LY VILLA, 

Villa for rent

Luxurious, comfortable, saving cost
at Nha Trang City

Support 24/7

Book Sea Walking Service


900,000  / Once / Per Guest

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