Diving service in Nha Trang

Price900,000  / Once / Per Guest

Nha Trang Beach is famous for being beautiful and clean, one of the most beautiful bays in the world that always attracts domestic and foreign tourists.

One of the most thriving and also the most attractive services for those who love marine life is scuba diving, a discoverable sport that requires a lot of skills that not everyone. can experience it for yourself.

To help you have wonderful moments to see the natural beauty of many rare and precious marine creatures at Hon Mun – Nha Trang. We have been providing scuba diving services without a lot of skills because there will always be divers to assist you while you are underwater.

You can refer to some information about the service below, or call 0979274318 for our more detailed advice.

Basic information about Diving Service: 

The tour guide will pick you up at the hotel in Nha Trang city and then will move to Nha Trang Tourism Port.

Then depart to Hon Mun Island – Vietnam’s first marine sanctuary with many rare species that you may never have seen firsthand in the nature.

In the process of moving to the diving area, you will be guided by a guide and diver to the procedure, communication skills when diving and using scuba equipment.

With the process and equipment as well as professional scuba diving guides, you can feel free to experience our services.

The time for diving as well as the depth are relative, because each page is different, so when deciding to book, listen to the counselor for more information about the minimum health requirements when using

Snorkeling equipment is included in the service, so you can use it after scuba diving to continue swimming freely and see the marine life in the area that the guide has prescribed.

Does the service include lunch setmenu on board anchors at Hon Mot (please inform your counselor if you are vegetarian or have other food issues to ensure your health)

After lunch, you will rest for a short time to continue to come to 01 (one) other sights in Nha Trang Bay (Bai Tranh, Bai Soi, …), where you will find some games Play at sea like a motorbike, parachute, banana float, etc. or simply go to the island and create your own photo collection for this exciting trip. 🙂

Because the weather will affect service so much, the Guide will inform you of the specific itinerary during the trip, which may end sooner or later, so please pay attention. If you encounter any difficulties during using the service, immediately contact the Tour Guide or call 0979274318 for assistance.

At the end of the tour, the tour guide will take you to the hotel.

Price does not include each island entrance fee, other services use on each . There is always a discount for guests booking or staying at LY LY VILLA, 

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Diving Service

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