Customers must information declaration stay

  • Presenting personal documents to villa management staff as well as providing personal information for the declaration of stay in accordance with State regulations.
  • For foreign guests: passport request, visa is still valid.
  • For Vietnamese guests: required to present identity card or equivalent documents. Villa management staff will keep guests’ ID for the duration of their stay.
  • If you need to get the documents back but continue to stay, please contact the manager for assistance.

The thing Mandatory compliance when staying

  • It is strictly forbidden to bring into the villa weapons, poisons, and inflammables.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring pets or pets into the mansion.
  • All forms of gambling and drug use in the villa area are strictly prohibited and under the laws of Vietnam you must be fully responsible before the law for any violations.

Customers please when staying

  • Please cook in the kitchen area and do not smoke inside the villa.
  • Please lock doors, balcony doors, turn off the power when going out of the room.
  • Please notify the manager when your room key is lost or stolen.
  • Please preserve your own personal belongings and belongings.
  • Please do not receive guests at the villa after 22:00.
  • If there is an overnight stay at the villa, you must notify the manager immediately.

Let's civilized, polite when staying

  • Saving electricity and water. When leaving the room, turn off lights, fans and other electrical equipment.
  • After using the stove, turn off and turn off the gas, to prevent fire and explosion.
  • Maintain general hygiene, do not throw toilet paper and garbage in sanitary equipment that causes a drain.
  • Do not turn on music, TV too loud, causing noise to affect people around.
  • Do not arbitrarily move property or items in the villa without the consent of the villa management staff.
  • Protect the natural landscape, the environment inside and outside the villa.

General agreement on asset preservation and extension of stay

  • Preservation of fixed assets at the property belongs to the agreement as soon as the guest arrives at the hotel and pays the agreed fee.
  • Check in time is 14:00, check out is 12:00 daily. If you want to extend the room, please contact the management department for advice and agreement.
  • Please follow the instructions of the staff on how to use and store the equipment in the villa.
  • If losing or damaging properties, compensation must be 150% of the current value.
  • Villa staff are not allowed to ask the customer to pay any costs without the permission of the management. Therefore, please contact the management department to protect personal interests.

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